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الجنسية التركية عقارات اسطنبول عقارات تركيا

The application for Turkish citizenship shall be filled in large English letters and the application shall be signed by the person concerned

Parental consent must be attached in order to grant citizenship to the children-

Attach the civil status papers or the marriage contract

A birth certificate or a civil certificate

Family book or family statement

There is no judicial ruling on him

2 personal picture

Attach the previous documents to both persons-

For children under the age of 18

A birth certificate

Parental consent

Marriage contract


Required documents for the property

title deed of real estate.

Copies of transfers, receipts and bank statements proving the payment of the value of the property and transfer of the bank from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account provided that these documents are certified.

Document disclosure of the price of the property by the Turkish state.

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