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Properties of real estate investment in Izmir

استثمار عقاري الجنسية التركية ازمير تركيا

Introduction to the city of Izmir

Izmir is the third largest city of Turkey and extends along the coast of the Gulf of Izmir to the west of Turkey and is the port of the most prominent state in the Asian section and has a population of four million people called the city bride and pearl sea for its beautiful beauty and attractive nature is a combination of green nature and the wide sea, Ten thousand square kilometers.

Izmir is characterized by its temperate climate and low humidity. The city of Izmir embraces 300 hundred days a year at a temperature of between 27 and 13 ° C and is spread in Izmir, olive trees, pine and palms within the city streets.

The city of Izmir is one of the historical cities as it has 8500 years of ancient history and find in the city of Izmir many of the wonderful landmarks to visit such as:

1- Chemicality

2- Cadikvale Castle

3-Bird’s paradise

4- Guarra

5- Dikili Beach

6-Multiple archaeological museums

Education in Izmir

The city of Izmir is interested in education specifically because it has a number of educational establishments:
1- İzmir Institute of Technology
2- İzmir University of Economics
3- Ege University
4- Yaşar University
5- Izmir Katip Çelebi University
6 – Dokuz Eylül University
7 – İzmir University
8 – Şifa University
9 – İzmir Democracy University
10- Gediz University

Izmir has 10 universities, 92 institutes and 214,000 students.

The large number of students compared to the population in Izmir made it a large demand for real estate for student housing as the housing provided by the government covers only 40% of the students and the number of students annually 32% and increase the demand for real estate by 45%.

Economy in Izmir

The city of Izmir is a very important commercial city as it is the second largest city in the world to grow rapidly in the transportation system in the world. And The first in Turkey in terms of standards of life and the first center of social life in Turkey and the second in terms of attracting investors and employs 6% of the total jobs in Turkey and classified the city of Izmir in Forbes statistics for 2017, the second most demanded city on the world real estate market.

Why do I invest in real estate in Izmir?

From the economic indicators that were previously mentioned in this article, from the inflation in demand for the real estate market in Izmir and from the increase in the demand for real estate rents in Izmir due to the influx of students annually, AKAR 101 Company has established several projects very close to the University of İzmir University of Economics

Which makes it a very profitable investment for buying in that we in our company guarantee you to rent for 3 years with an average return of 22% of the price of the property within 3 years and a rise of 52% when selling, which makes the total return of the property in the case of investment in the right form that will guide you mechanism of our company 73% Value only within 3 years.


A brief comparison between the real estate investment market in Istanbul and Izmir.

استثمار عقاري ازمير ربح من العقارات تركيا

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